Cost of healthcare: The doctor is (not) in

This year keep more of your money. We know that doctors are only receiving 10% of healthcare dollars and you deserve more. With Patient Payment Solutions you will be able to gain a larger percentage then just the ten percent.  Cal Thomas from The Register Herald gives us a good insight on the shift with his article Cost…

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The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care

Here is a headline that practice owners and patients alike are not surprised by at all, The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care, Hidden from view: The complexity of the system comes with costs that aren’t obvious but that we all pay. The NYTimes article  highlights that in 1999 30% of health care costs were due…

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Healthcare Revolution: The Patient is the New Payer

Patient is the new payer

What if we told you that now over 30% of the revenue in a healthcare office was sourced from the patient directly. It is no mystery that reimbursements have been dropping over the years and it is creating a new dynamic in the healthcare arena. We recently spent some time in New Orleans at the…

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