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"Get paid for what you do."



Helping both patients and providers with healthcare financingOption 1: Get paid UP FRONT in 2-3 business days. Get 100% of the money. We take no commission and no recourse liability. We work with 25 different banks, so if we can't get you paid, NOBODY CAN!



Option 2: Create in-house payment plans and get paid over time with terms and conditions created by YOU. No credit check and we do the follow up.



Clinic cost: $249 application fee + $99/month = unlimited patient enrollment.

More Patients, More Income

Patient Approval Rate

With payment plans, YOU get to approve your patients either pre or post service based on the criteria YOU set.  You also have options to charge additional fees with any payment plan.

Accept Most Form of Payments

Safe & Secure Payment Processing –automate recurring payments from any account (Credit Card, Debit Card).
Patient Payment Solutions is the simple solution to accept all forms of payment – anywhere and on any device with web access.

Automated Payments

Create payment plans for your patient’s in just minutes and automate recurring payments that are deposited directly in your bank account. No more trips to the bank and waiting in line to make deposits.


Soft & Hard Collections Support – to ensure the highest rate of collections possible. Our team of highly trained customer support agents oversee and resolve any missed payments and manage the accounts receivables for you, so that you get paid.

Risk Management

We help you evaluate the patient’s ability to pay for your services and minimize the repayment risk using our Instant Account Verification that provides a real-time snapshot of the patient’s bank account.

Reporting Features

Robust reporting features allow you to predict cash flow and save time with real-time data that normally takes hours to compile. Use the report builder to customize the timeframe and see activity by patient, transaction, date and more..

Pre Funding

Get paid in 1-2 business days!  A simple online application gives your patients access to loans right in your office. Give your patients many different options to pay for your services. 

Check out what our client have to say about our system and what it can do for you!

Providers can offer healthcare pre-funding and bundled payment options

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Dr. Locke

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Care loans are other healthcare financing options

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Helping patients finance healthcare

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Great reviews form patients and providers of our financing options

"Everything you need for your patients."

"It just runs and I don't have to allocate payroll hours for my staff to manage the system." - Daniel

Let us do the leg work! We will help follow up with your patients if there are any issues with payments. Bring your skills to the practice, not the paperwork.


  • Our Platinum Package is just $99 per month + an 8% service fee on all collected transactions. This service will make you feel at ease, because our staff is diligently following up with your patients as soon as an error in payment occurs. You still receive all the benefits from the Gold Package as well! We work hard so you don't have to!
  • Now includes pre-funding.


  • Our basic package is just $99 per month and you get to offer in house payment plans to your patients now! You are in charge of payments processed and patient follow ups are on you. Don't forget to run your custom reports, and make sure your payments are never behind.
  • Also includes pre-funding.

*States currently available for pre-funding accounts AK,AL,ARAZ,CA,DC,DE,FL,GA,HI,IL,IN,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,MS,MT,NC,NE,NJ,NM,OH,OK,OR,PA,SD,TN,TX,UT,VA,WA*
*Merchant terminal fees apply variable rate of 1-2.8 percent per transaction.  Subject to approval from our MOTO web terminal parter*

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