The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care

Here is a headline that practice owners and patients alike are not surprised by at all, The Astonishingly High Administrative Costs of U.S. Health Care, Hidden from view: The complexity of the system comes with costs that aren’t obvious but that we all pay. The NYTimes article  highlights that in 1999 30% of health care costs were due…

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Healthcare Revolution: The Patient is the New Payer

Patient is the new payer

What if we told you that now over 30% of the revenue in a healthcare office was sourced from the patient directly. It is no mystery that reimbursements have been dropping over the years and it is creating a new dynamic in the healthcare arena. We recently spent some time in New Orleans at the…

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When the patient can’t afford care.

group of doctors

You never have to go far before finding a provider that has had a patient who could not afford their recommended treatment plan. This week we will look at Pauline W. Chen’s article When the Patient Can’t Afford the Care from the New York Times. Pauline recounts a patient encounter in which a patient couldn’t afford…

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Even the insured can’t afford their medical bills

Even the Insured Often Can't Afford Their Medical Bills graphic

A startling trend is outlined in Helaine Olen’s article “Even the Insured Often Can’t Afford Their Medical Bills”, and we see it everyday in practice. Americans are paying out more every day for insurance then they have ever before. The drawback is that their is a severe shortage of benefits, we see astronomical deductibles and…

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