Osteopathic Manipulation Qualification Seminars: 

Get Paid Like A “Real Doctor!”

Quit working for peanuts billing 98941 Adjustments

Become qualified in and bill for Osteopathic Manipulation and get reimbursed 3-4X your normal fees.


Dear fellow Chiropractors,


I’ll tell you about the headline, but first

Let me tell you about me…..  My wife and I are both chiropractors. We met in school, got married, had kids, and started working hard.   We were juggling practice, family, and student loans trying to keep afloat.  Over time, we found our practices growing from all our hard work.


But There was a Serious Problem…

I billed insurance for patients, and every year insurance companies paid me less and less for my services. Over the years this added up and my collections suffered.  We worked so hard- only to have insurance companies pay us less and less every year. This was a slap in the face!!


I couldn’t go on living like this….    I was making less per “adjustment” than I was 10 years earlier and the cost of running a practice kept going up!  I had to do something, but what?!


Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and ICD-10 codes took effect, and it changed my life forever! I became certified in medical compliance and learned a crazy amount of stuff I was never aware of. I talked with and hired lots of attorneys to help streamline my business practices. I also learned how to bill and became qualified in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment.


You see, certain parts of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) allowed me, as a chiropractor, to bill and get paid for Osteopathic Manipulation, as long as I was properly qualified. Throughout my career, I thought only Doctors of Osteopathy (DOs) could do this and it was “taboo” for chiropractors!   Even then, I knew reimbursement for Osteopathic Manipulation was higher than a normal Chiropractic Adjustment (98941). I just didn’t realize how much….


That forced me to go on a long, expensive journey to change my practice and qualify for billing Osteopathic Manipulation.  This led me to where I am today.


I still practice and see lots of patients every day. Many of my clinic procedures are the same, but I’ve modified some to bill for Osteopathic Manipulation. And you know what…. I’m getting paid a LOT more for my visits than I used to… like 3-4X.   I finally feel like I’m paid fairly for the valuable service I provide to the community. Here’s the other cool thing… my overhead is the same! I have the same overhead from billing chiropractic adjustments (98940-98943), so that makes my practice more profitable!


Here's A Special Offer For You…. I’m putting on a one-day educational seminar to qualify chiropractors to perform Osteopathic Manipulation. In addition to class time, you will have homework to become qualified, but you can complete everything within a week.  This qualifying educational seminar happens over the course of one day, so you have no excuses for not attending. I paid the price so you don’t have to.


This will give you the ability to collect 3-4X per visit from what you are collecting right now.   You will be more profitable and you will have a renewed optimism in practice.

Here’s what you do next…  If you want to learn more, call us at 1-800-501-3897. We can explain in more detail what we are offering.


Remember, if you don’t change, don’t complain!    


P.S.   I know you are busy- so am I, but what could this do for your clinic? How could making 3-4x per visit change your life all without a change in your overhead?


Seating is limited. Call us at  1- 800-501-3897 to find out how to unlock this amazing opportunity for you.


-Dr. Doug Luther

(Seminar Sponsored by Patient Payment Solutions)


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