Health-care cost insights

Patient Payment Solutions’ blog is here to give you some insights into the healthcare industry.

Browsing the healthcare headlines today, this opinion piece that lays out what most doctors are feeling. “The real villains in the health-care cost crisis“, submitted to the Washington Post in response to the article by Robert J. Samuelson “There’s a genuine solution to our health-care problem” Poses that the Doctors are not at fault for the crazy cost of healthcare and only make up 10% of the total cost of healthcare. “The real villains” discusses how health insurance companies not the doctors and the hospitals. The relevant part of the article is included here.

“Once again, doctors and hospitals are called the bad guys in the discussion regarding the rising cost of health care. Robert J. Samuelson clearly missed the real villains here: the health insurance companies.

I speak for the doctors, who have few allies in the fight for fairness regarding compensation for the care we provide. It is a myth that we may charge “higher prices” to the private insurance carriers. They pay an “allowable” fee for any visit or procedure, the amount of which decreases virtually every year. Or, they pay nothing if they can find a way to “deny” a payment. Many doctors are struggling to pay their escalating overhead, while receiving whatever crumbs the insurance companies choose to throw at them.

Meanwhile, the insurance companies are exacting higher premiums and higher deductibles from consumers. At the same time, their executives are making ridiculous incomes and bonuses.

Control or eliminate the insurance industry, and you will rein in the cost of health care. Doctors are doing the very best we can for you, and we are not getting rich doing it.”

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