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“The Easiest, Most Comprehensive Patient Financing System there is- GUARANTEED!”

We are the only current company to offer both a "pre-funding option" and an "in-house finance option" under one easy to use program.

Simple, Free Training

Live Support For all Time Zones

Easy to Understand Reporting Tools

Helping both patients and providers with healthcare financing

More Patients, More Income

Patient Approval Rate

With payment plans, YOU get to approve your patients either pre or post service based on the criteria YOU set.  You also have options to charge additional fees with any payment plan.

Accept Most Form of Payments

Safe & Secure Payment Processing –automate recurring payments from any account (Credit Card, Debit Card).
Patient Payment Solutions is the simple solution to accept all forms of payment – anywhere and on any device with web access.

Automated Payments

Create payment plans for your patient’s in just minutes and automate recurring payments that are deposited directly in your bank account. No more trips to the bank, waiting in line to make deposits.


Soft & Hard Collections Support – to ensure the highest rate of collections possible. Our team of highly trained customer support agents oversee and resolve any missed payments and manage the accounts receivables for you, so that you get paid.

Increase Case Acceptance

Never lose another patient by their inability to pay.  Between our prefunding and payment plans, all patients qualify for care. 

Reporting Features

Robust reporting features allow you to predict cash flow and save time with real-time data that normally takes hours to compile. Use the report builder to customize the timeframe and see activity by patient, transaction, date and more..

Pre Funding

Get paid in 1-2 business days!  A simple online application gives your patients access to loans right in your office. Give your patients many different options to pay for your services. 

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Providers can offer healthcare pre-funding and bundled payment options

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Care loans are other healthcare financing options

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"It just runs and I don't have to allocate payroll hours for my staff to manage the system." - Daniel

Let us do the leg work! We will help follow up with your patients if there are any issues with payments. Bring your skills to the practice, not the paperwork.


Financial Disclaimer and Notice of Privacy Practices:

Typical Patient Payment Solutions provider offices increases patient collections between 10-56%, however, these results in no way guarantee how your specific clinic will perform.   Implementation of financial payment policies is the responsibility of the clinic administrator and staff.  For any additional questions about successful implementation, please contact one of our staff members.

Patient Payment Solutions creates and stores information consistent with HIPAA, DSS, and PCI standards and procedures for all patients and clinic applications.  Clinic/Patient correspondence outside of website-based information may contain confidential or legally privileged information or private and sensitive healthcare information that is intended to be shared only with the named recipient. Any enclosed healthcare information may be protected under the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552 (a), and/or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (PL104-191) and its various implementing regulations. If this correspondence contains healthcare information, it is being provided to you after appropriate authorization from the patient or under circumstances that do not require patient authorization. Recipients are obligated to maintain it in a safe, secure, and confidential manner and this information must be protected in accordance with those provisions.  Redisclosure without additional consent or as permitted by law is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, use, dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited.

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