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Features and Pricing for Providers and Clinics

...That allow you to DOMINATE your city!

Competitive Advantage with Payment Plans

Flexible patient financing with PPS gives you a competitive advantage and letting your community know that you offer flexible payment options will expand your market share.

1-on-1 Implementation Consultation & Strategy Session

We understand that “in-house financing” programs may be new to you or have been difficult to implement in the past. Every office handles patient financial concerns differently and we will help you structure your plans in a manner that gets you paid more money, faster. We will discuss strategies that ensure you convert more new patients, increase retention and limit your write-offs.

Missed Payment Resolution Service

Our team boasts an average net collections rate of over 90% and puts the entire collections process on auto-pilot. Not only does our amazing service save you time and money on costly payroll, but our very reasonable 8% transaction fee can easily be passed on to the patient. We only get paid if you do first. You get to take home a much higher percentage of your fees by avoiding the high deductions made by other finance options (normally 12-18% deduction for medical credit cards).

Full Service Account Management

We understand that you are busy and that not every office has the benefit of a full-time billing staff to make sure patients are paying their bills. Even though our virtual terminal has automated features built in to increase your collections, the need for following up on missed payments still exists. This process can be time-consuming and costly, when staff members are being pulled away from other important tasks. Why not let our team of highly trained customer support agents manage and handle all the missed or failed payments for you?

Pre-Funding Option

Give your patients full flexibility and offer prefunding as an alternate way to pay for services.

Fully Customizable/Modifiable Terms

Avoid the hassles and restrictions associated with medical credit cards and third-party lenders. Create the perfect payment plan that suits the unique financial needs of the patient and stop losing patients who delay or forego treatments because of financial concerns. Modify and update payment plans quickly and easily.

Report Builder

Oversee your accounts receivable with real-time monitoring of your existing payment plans. Robust reporting features allow you to project and evaluate cash flow and other important metrics.

Wholesale Merchant Rates

Receive the best rates on all credit card transactions, normally reserved for the largest size companies with huge monthly credit card volume.

Unlimited Training

Our system is so intuitive and easy that it takes just minutes to get started, plus we offer a library of training videos on-demand for common topics.

PCI/HIPAA Compliant

Rest assured that all your business and patient data is fully secured using our PCI and HIPAA compliant virtual terminal. All data is encrypted with bank level security technology and stored on secure servers.

Automatic Transaction Reprocessing

Keep your collections rate as high as possible with this impressive feature. Declined payments are automatically re-run at regular intervals to increase the likelihood of an “Approved” transaction status.

Multiple Payment Methods - Primary/Secondary

Securely store “back-up” account(s) or different forms of payment to limit write-offs and declined transactions.

Unlimited User Logins

Assign various levels of access to user accounts. Confidential financial information and reports are viewable only by those users you allow.

Printable Patient Financial Agreement

Print off a copy of the patient financial agreement (with all information pre-populated) for the patient to sign and retain for your records. The patient receives a hard-copy version of their payment schedule to take home with them.

Payment Plan Calculator

Let our system do all the math for you. Run through different payment scenarios quickly and easily to come up with the perfect plan for you and your patient.

Automated Recurring Payments

Improve cash-flow and save time from processing payments manually each month. Our system allows for payments to be pre-scheduled and automatically deposited into your account.

Accept Payments From Credit/Debit Cards

Patient payments can be debited from any account provided, including debit cards and almost all credit cards.

User-Friendly, Cloud Based Virtual Terminal

Our system is cloud based, which means that there is no software to download or upgrade. The virtual terminal is accessible on any device with internet access and is available 24/7.

Pricing per clinic

Application fee is $299 and $99/month thereafter for unlimited patient enrollment. There are no additional fees for prefunding accounts. For Payment Plans, there is an 8% charge on revenues collected. Our software is integrated with credit card processors, so additional fees will apply of 1%-2.8% for credit card processing.

Financial Disclaimer and Notice of Privacy Practices:

Typical Patient Payment Solutions provider offices increases patient collections between 10-56%, however, these results in no way guarantee how your specific clinic will perform.   Implementation of financial payment policies is the responsibility of the clinic administrator and staff.  For any additional questions about successful implementation, please contact one of our staff members.

Patient Payment Solutions creates and stores information consistent with HIPAA, DSS, and PCI standards and procedures for all patients and clinic applications.  Clinic/Patient correspondence outside of website-based information may contain confidential or legally privileged information or private and sensitive healthcare information that is intended to be shared only with the named recipient. Any enclosed healthcare information may be protected under the Privacy Act, 5 USC 552 (a), and/or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (PL104-191) and its various implementing regulations. If this correspondence contains healthcare information, it is being provided to you after appropriate authorization from the patient or under circumstances that do not require patient authorization. Recipients are obligated to maintain it in a safe, secure, and confidential manner and this information must be protected in accordance with those provisions.  Redisclosure without additional consent or as permitted by law is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, any review, use, dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited.