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Immediately increase monthly revenues

GET PAID UP FRONT! with our easy online application with approval in seconds.  The turnaround is a quick 2 days and you can “take that money to the bank.”

For providers or patients that don’t choose the prefunding, Patient Payment Solutions’ auto-pay software, providers can deduct monthly payments quickly for those services that are not covered by insurance, including co-pays and deductibles.

No credit checks

Qualify every patient that walks in your door. If they have a credit/debit card, checking/savings account, then they are approved in minutes with no need to go through any lengthy application process when they sign up . This is HUGE!!!, unlike many other programs.  We make it EASY!!!

Flexible Terms

YOU the provider have unlimited options and determine the terms of the payment plan including fees, down-payments and payment schedule. By extending payments for your treatment over weeks or months more patients will be able to afford your services and receive the treatment they need.

For our prefunding option, where the provider gets paid up front, the patient gets to choose the terms and conditions of their payment plans.  Simply put, it has to work for the patient too!!

We do all the account management and follow-up (Diamond and Platinum Level Members)

Our team of professionals will collect your money for you. Our auto-pay software ensures payments are deposited directly into your account each and every month, but should one of your patients be late or default on a payment, we will take care of it, follow up on it, and get it paid. All of this can be done without your staff alienating or harassing the patient and creating a rift between the doctor-patient relationships.

***  I want to tell you a story I hear every single day from providers, and why many choose to use us.  You see, there are many companies out there that offer software to create payment plans for cheap!  I talk with Doctors every single day that come to the realization that they are only collecting 58-71% of the money they put in their fancy “automatic debit software” because there is no follow-up on defaulting accounts.   The vast majority of clinics who use this type of software never really know how much money they  are losing.  I assure you, it’s a startling figure for virtually everyone.   You see doctors are great doctors but sometimes they can be lousy business people.  How much money are you leaving on the table every month and year.  How far would that money go towards paying off student loans, a new boat  or a new car? As a famous businessman once said- Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Spend your time treating patients and let us get you paid. Our collections percentages are regularly in the mid 90’s%

Remove financial barriers for patients

The biggest hurdle provider have in patients pursuing care is MONEY!!!!    Patients cannot afford care on the terms that we typically offer!!  Many patients have limited insurance coverage or no coverage at all and unfortunately do not have the money to pay for treatment right away. This forces the provider to either extend credit to the patient or refuse to treat them. By turning patients away the provider slows the growth of the practice and loses potential revenue. Using Patient Payment Solutions the provider can offer flexible, extended payment options that make your services available to everyone who wants and needs your care.

Increase your collections and Decrease your overhead

Statistics show that the typical doctor’s office is collecting approximately 49% of the money owed to them by patients overall.  On a traditional automatic debut software, they only collect 58-71%.  This is TERRIBLE!!!!! Some offices may be better or worse than this; however there is a lot of money being left on the table by offices using the methods they are currently using. Why not eliminate the cost of extra payroll, overhead, time and stress associated with statement billing? Patient Payment Solutions’ easy to use auto-pay software not only reduces your overhead but PPS boasts a much higher rate of collection than the average doctor’s office (up to 98%).

Create financial stability

Increase your monthly revenue and convert more patients by making your services affordable to everyone. Seasonal fluctuations in collections can make it difficult to budget and can create significant stress on business owners. If the financial stability of your practice isn’t where you would like it to be, then how would a steady, predictable stream of income every single month sound?

No long-term commitment or contracts… cancel any time*.

*No long-term contracts with Patient Payment Solutions.  May require time-termed contracts with third party partners.  Please contact us for more details.