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Your patient receives services and treatments as normal.
We calculate a payment plan based on what you and your patient agree on.
Payments are directly deposited into your bank account.

In-House Financing Made Simple

Patient Payment Solutions offers the easiest and most comprehensive solution for creating and managing affordable payment plans for your patients. We provide you with the tools you need to control all aspects of how you offer credit to your patients. Our in-house financing management software maximizes payment success and minimizes risk of loss. While, our team of highly trained, customer support agents will oversee and resolve any missed payments and manage the entire credit process for you.

wall_guyWhat We Offer:

• PCI & HIPAA Compliant -web-based virtual terminal to create and manage in-house financing for your patient’s.
• Instant Account Verification – integrated risk management tool without the need for costly credit reports.
• Safe & Secure Payment Processing –automated recurring payment via direct debit from any account (Credit/Debit Card or ACH).
• Soft & Hard Collections Support – to ensure the highest rate of collections possible.
• Detailed Reporting Features – to analyze accounts and project cash flow.

Have You Considered…

Affordable credit is less accessible than ever before and may be causing potential patient’s to forgo or delay much needed services in your office. Until now, conventional financing through a bank or third-party lender was the only option available to your patient’s. Low approval rates due to high credit score requirements have led to many disappointed patients and many frustrated healthcare providers. Those patients who are approved, often pay outrageous interest rates and other hidden fees. The provider often pays a significant discount fee (up to 18%) to the lender and may have recourse liability if the loan goes bad.

Why Offer In-House Financing With PPS?

• Increase sales, profits & referrals from happy patients
• End reliance on insurance reimbursement and third-party financing options
• Discover new profits & opportunities from offering your own payment plans
• Advertise affordable payment plans that drive traffic and increases market share
• Convert aging accounts receivables to payment plans and reduce write-offs  (learn more…)

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